Saturday, March 10, 2012

Debunking the MK ultra/project monarch

you know, i have to admit a few things, not admit...but, i ponder that project monarch is so prevalent as it is now. these celebrities that we worship, we are envious of, well, not only are they successful, they are also beautiful, rich, privelaged right? on top of that, could they be victims as well? so now on top of them being all of that, they have lived tragic lives too, undergoing tremendous mind control sessions, (fritz said numerous tests are done in order to see if they can split into several smart personalities), they do these tests as infants, so....when they see that they can dissociate, they are then started on their torture regiments? so, paris hilton...lets say, they say she is a monarch..right? so her as a little infant had the capabilities to become a drug mule, (cocaine in her cooch...*i never use that word just felt like it now*....) beta sex slave,,(yeah whatever)....i just need to start questioning it because the whole thing just seems kind of absurd. and then we have all of these symbolisms prying us with 'oh she must be MK'd perhaps they are DOING it because they see we are questioning it!??? so i googled debunking mk ultra etc....and now i am going to read about that because frankly, come on! just because you have a shoot with someone looking into a mirror, does not mean a thing! in fact, i want to gather all the shoots i did that could symbolize mind control!! OOHHHH!!! it doesnt mean a thing!

i dont think the kardashians are mkind controlled (typo but ok it works).,,,,i dont think you know...i just do not think they are all MIND FUCKING CONTROLLED! and if you are you can be saved the mind is a very VERY complex and functioning mind so BREAK FREE of your chains your brain can do it just like it fractured to FORGET just FUCKING BREAK FREE

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  1. wondering the same thing. If it's true, why are all of these survivors still alive?